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Parastoo Souezi

Parastoo Souezi

Hello there! I’m Parastoo Souezi, but you can call me Partopolo. My journey through life led me to explore the colorful realms of graphic design and painting, with a special twist in the world of publishing. I’ve got a burning passion for traveling, occasionally capturing the beauty of this world through my lens. But what really sets my heart aflutter is the enchanting world of cooking and baking, where I craft stories with the vivid hues of taste and texture. Beijing, my current abode, is a swirling kaleidoscope of history, legends, and flavors. Join me in this whimsical adventure!

Welcome to Partopolo!

Partopolo: A Journey through Words and Wanderlust

My passion for travel is a tapestry woven with the threads of my diverse experiences and the ink of countless stories. The journey began during the years when I held the reins of one of Iran’s most celebrated international publications. This chapter in my life laid the foundation for what was to come, igniting the spark of creativity and wanderlust.

Simultaneously, while engaged in my work in Iran, a unique vision took root. It was the idea of reimagining classic stories and ancient Iranian texts, a creative endeavor that led to the establishment of “Gaj” publishing in Germany. Here, I brought to life the rewritten tales of “Kalileh and Demneh,” presenting them to young readers in the German language. Little did I know that this would be the first page in a remarkable chapter of my life.

This newfound venture catapulted me into the world of international book fairs and journeys to different countries, where cultures and flavors danced in harmony. It was a whirlwind experience of living beyond various borders, where the path to entry was often stringent, but the encounter with residents beyond those borders was an affair filled with love, color, and flavor.

"Amidst this captivating journey, one of my most thrilling expeditions was a 75-day exploration of Iran—a land of mesmerizing landscapes, ancient history, and warm hospitality. As if by fate, my surname, "Partoara," intertwined with my extensive associations with the legendary traveler Marco Polo, inspiring me to embrace the name "Partopolo" for myself."

The compass of my life has swung from the Middle East to the West, and today, I find myself residing in the Far East. Travel and migration have left an indelible mark on my existence. It’s a feeling of living simultaneously in two worlds, where the past’s geographical imprints meld seamlessly with the colors, scents, flavors, and architectural wonders of the present. Each day, I embrace this unique blend, a fusion of languages, cultures, and experiences that make up the ever-evolving story of “Partopolo.”


Parastoo Souezi: Crafting Stories, Chasing Horizons, and Living Art

Meet Parastoo Souezi, a multifaceted soul whose creative spirit knows no bounds. She is the brilliant author and explorer who breathes life into the captivating world of Partopolo. With a background in graphic design and painting, Parastoo has honed her artistic talents to tell stories in vivid colors and intricate shapes, leaving an indelible mark on every canvas she encounters.

Her journey through the publishing industry has been a testament to her unwavering passion for narrative artistry. Not content with simply curating stories, she embarked on a quest to reimagine classic tales and ancient Iranian texts. This venture led to the birth of “Gaj” publishing in Germany, where she shared the rewritten legends of “Kalileh and Demneh” with young readers, infusing new life into timeless narratives.

A globetrotter at heart, Parastoo’s travel tales are a treasure trove of experiences beyond borders. With a discerning eye and camera in hand, she captures the essence of each destination, whether it’s a bustling metropolis or a serene corner of the world. It was during a remarkable 75-day expedition around Iran that her love for exploration reached new heights, weaving her personal history into the vibrant tapestry of the lands she traverses.

Residing in Beijing, a city steeped in history, Parastoo’s creative essence is continually nurtured by the cultural kaleidoscope that surrounds her. Her unique perspective on life’s wonders is a fusion of languages, architectural marvels, sensory delights, and the ever-present spirit of adventure. Parastoo Souezi is the embodiment of a storyteller, an artist, and an intrepid explorer, weaving the intricate threads of her experiences into the rich tapestry of Partopolo.

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