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Book Treasure Island

Treasure Island

The book “Treasure Island” was first published in 1883. Jim, a teenage boy, inadvertently becomes aware of the existence of a treasure map after an old sailor enters his father’s small inn. From here, his adventure with pirates and others seeking this great treasure begins. Don’t miss reading this 80-page book.


Robert Louis Stevenson

Translator / Cover Artist

Shayesteh Ebrahimi / Rasool Ahmadi


International Gaj Publisher

In the coastal town of Bristol, England, during the eighteenth century, a young boy named Jim Hawkins resides with his parents at the Admiral Benbow inn. The tranquil setting is disrupted by the death of an old sea captain, Billy Bones, marked by the ominous appearance of a black spot—an official pirate verdict. Jim, stirred by the mysterious portent, seizes the opportunity to explore Billy’s sea chest, discovering a logbook and a map. Anticipating danger from Billy’s pursuers, Jim and his mother hastily escape with the valuable documents.

Recognizing the potential value of the contents, Jim seeks assistance from local acquaintances, Dr. Livesey and Squire Trelawney. To their excitement, the map unveils the location of a vast treasure buried by the notorious pirate Captain Flint on a distant island. Eager to embark on a treasure hunt, Trelawney hastily assembles an expedition, unknowingly hiring the cunning Long John Silver and many former members of Flint’s crew. Only the trustworthy Captain Smollett stands against the tide of potential mutiny. As the Hispaniola sets sail for Treasure Island, Jim overhears Silver’s mutinous plans, prompting him to inform Captain Smollett.

Upon landing on the island, Captain Smollett strategizes to rid the ship of most mutineers, providing them with leisure time onshore. Acting on impulse, Jim sneaks into the pirates’ boat, finding himself amidst the rebellious crew. Witnessing Silver’s murder of a dissenting sailor, Jim flees deeper into the island, encountering the eccentric Ben Gunn, a man marooned by Flint’s crew years earlier.

Meanwhile, the rest of the crew seeks refuge in a stockade built by the pirates. Jim returns to the stockade, bringing Ben with him. Silver attempts negotiation with Captain Smollett, but the captain remains wary. The pirates launch an attack, resulting in Captain Smollett’s injury. Jim, spurred by another impulse, sets off alone to find Ben’s handmade boat in the woods.

While aboard Ben’s boat, Jim attempts to cut the Hispaniola adrift to thwart the pirates’ escape. As he drifts near the pirates’ camp, he fears discovery but miraculously remains undetected. Returning to the ship, Jim discovers a violent conflict between two watchmen, ultimately taking control but wounding himself in the process. Jim then faces betrayal from Israel Hands, whom he manages to overcome.

Upon returning to the stockade, Jim finds it occupied by the pirates, and Silver takes him hostage. Silver reveals that Captain Smollett has given away the treasure map and provisions to spare their lives. Jim, however, discerns Silver’s struggle to control the crew. In an attempt to survive, Silver proposes that Jim pretend to be his hostage, but the crew accuses Silver of treachery, leading to his deposition as their commander.

Desperate to regain control, Silver shows the crew the treasure map, leading them to the excavation site, only to find it already emptied. The disgruntled crew is on the verge of mutiny again. Dr. Livesey, Ben Gunn, and others intervene, causing the pirates to scatter across the island. Jim and Silver escape, guided by the others to Ben’s cave, where the treasure has been hidden.

After three days of transporting the loot to the ship, the men prepare to sail home, leaving the remaining mutineers marooned. Despite Silver’s plea to join the voyage, he absconds one night with a portion of the treasure. The voyage concludes with Captain Smollett’s retirement, Ben becoming a lodge-keeper, and Jim forsaking treasure-hunting, haunted by nightmares of the sea and gold coins.

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