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Book Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde

The book “Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde” is a prominent science fiction novel by the Scottish writer Robert Louis Stevenson. It was first published in 1886. The main theme of the story revolves around the eternal struggle between the good and evil aspects of human nature. The author’s perspective on this conflict is unique and distinctive. The protagonist is a middle-aged doctor and scientist who attempts to separate the demonic and spiritual aspects of human existence so that each can continue its existence without harm to the other. We recommend reading this beautiful 48-page novel.


Robert Louis Stevenson

Translator / Cover Artist

Shayesteh Ebrahimi / Rasool Ahmadi


International Gaj Publisher

During their customary weekly stroll, Mr. Utterson, a reliable and judicious lawyer, is regaled with a disturbing narrative by his companion, Enfield. The tale recounts a sinister character named Mr. Hyde, who callously tramples a young girl, only to vanish through a mysterious door on the street, reappearing to settle compensation with the girl’s relatives using a check bearing the signature of a reputable gentleman. Despite their aversion to gossip, Utterson and Enfield resolve not to delve further into the matter. However, an unexpected twist arises when Utterson’s esteemed client and close friend, Dr. Jekyll, bequeaths his entire estate to the enigmatic Mr. Hyde.

As Utterson grapples with unsettling dreams featuring a faceless figure haunting a nightmarish version of London, he endeavors to unravel the mystery by visiting Jekyll and their mutual acquaintance, Dr. Lanyon. Lanyon reveals that a dispute over Jekyll’s “unscientific” experiments severed their friendship. Intrigued, Utterson discreetly monitors a building frequented by Hyde, leading him to a laboratory attached to Jekyll’s residence. Confronting Hyde, Utterson is struck by the man’s indescribable ugliness. To his astonishment, Hyde willingly discloses his address, with Jekyll cautioning Utterson against meddling.

A tranquil year passes before a chilling event transpires. A servant girl witnesses Hyde brutally murder Sir Danvers Carew, a Parliament member and Utterson’s client. Suspecting Hyde as the culprit, Utterson accompanies the police to Hyde’s apartment on a fog-shrouded morning, only to find the murderer has vanished. Jekyll reassures Utterson of severing ties with Hyde, presenting a note from Hyde expressing remorse and bidding farewell. However, Utterson’s clerk detects a striking resemblance between Hyde’s handwriting and Jekyll’s.

Jekyll’s demeanor undergoes a positive transformation for a few months, marked by increased sociability. Yet, this phase abruptly ends as Jekyll withdraws from visitors, and Lanyon succumbs to a mysterious shock related to Jekyll. Before his demise, Lanyon bequeaths a letter to Utterson, to be opened after Jekyll’s death. Simultaneously, Jekyll’s butler, Mr. Poole, approaches Utterson in distress, revealing Jekyll’s prolonged seclusion in his laboratory. Together, they embark on a journey to Jekyll’s home, encountering a sense of foreboding in deserted and ominous streets. Inside the laboratory, they discover Hyde’s lifeless body donned in Jekyll’s attire and a letter from Jekyll to Utterson promising a comprehensive explanation.

Returning home, Utterson first peruses Lanyon’s letter, unveiling the shock-induced deterioration leading to the doctor’s demise. The second letter, penned by Jekyll, elucidates the protagonist’s transformative experiments. Seeking to segregate his virtuous self from darker impulses, Jekyll discovers a potion that metamorphoses him into the malevolent Hyde. Initially reveling in the newfound moral freedom, Jekyll’s joy wanes as involuntary transformations occur, leading to Hyde’s brutal crimes. Struggling to control the metamorphoses, Jekyll’s desperate attempt to cease transformations proves futile. The letter chronicles the tragic consequences, including the murder of Sir Danvers Carew, Lanyon’s demise, and Jekyll’s own impending permanent transformation into Hyde. As the letter concludes, Jekyll reflects on the imminent end of his life, marking the demise of Dr. Jekyll and the resolution of the perplexing narrative.

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